SAGA TOURS of Bamako, Mali - Adventure travel to Dogon country, Mopti, and Djenne in Mali, West Africa

MALI, the jewel of West Africa —
visit Djenne, Mopti, Dogon country, Segou and Bamako

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Music & Culture
Festival Tours:
Festival on the Niger
in Segou, Mali

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Dogon village on the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali,West Africa

Places to Visit

· Fascinating Dogon country, with its stone houses and granaries clinging to sheer cliff walls

· Mopti, Mali's trade center and cultural 'melting pot'

· Djenne, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites

· Legendary Timbuktu, gateway to the Sahara Desert

· Bamako, Mali's dynamic capital city

· Mande country and its traditional gold mines

· Segou, former French colonial capital

· Hand of Fatima,
natural rock formation in the Hombori Mountains

· Djenne Jeno archeological site

· Lake Debo of the inland
Niger River Delta

Things to do

· hiking the Bandiagara escarpment

· sailing the Niger River

· witness a traditional divination ceremony in a Dogon village

· visit the Hogon, traditional leader of the Dogon people, in his mountain sanctuary

· track elephants in the Douentza Reserve

· explore the sacred grotto of Misiri Koro

· visit traditional pottery makers

· attend a colorful local festival:
Festival in the Desert
Festival on the Niger

Sights to see
mali travel
· traditional mask dances in Dogon villages

· colorful local markets

· Tuareg silversmiths at work

· traditional weavers and dyers of mudcloth (bogolan)

· Bozo fishermen, masters of the Niger

· Djenne's Great Mosque, the world's largest mud-brick architecture

· hippos in the Niger River

· Takamba, traditional Tuareg dance

· nomadic Fulani cattle herders

· ancient Tellem cave dwellings

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